Monday, 6 February 2017

Concept of Business

The concept or term business because its etymology latin negotium, i.e. denial of leisure: occupation carried out people for profit. This etymological character is very particular because it defines the word in a different way the greater the use we give you today: do not understand by business to work for anyone, but particularly that engaged in trade in goods and services. However, it is a meaning recognized by the SAR that to understand the term as a way to call any occupation people performing.

The circuit of the production of property has different phases certain. From the mere obtaining of them materials raw, its transformation more precarious, their travel and the additions of value added van perfecting the object until arrive to which is believes, will respond to them needs of them consumers. This process is justified from the business, a method of obtaining money from users in Exchange for the provision of a service or the delivery of any goods. Them 'men of business ' are them entrepreneurs or them administrators of companies, that is striving by keep some variable balanced of the best form possible: will seek have prices high but accepted by them buyers, will seek have a good quality that not les demand an amount of money that obligate to increase them prices, and will seek decrease it greater possible them expenses to increase the profit margin.

Currently, Western life is geared towards the permanent business. It is accepted in practice that there where people have a need, there will be someone interested in satisfying her obtaining a profit by doing so. This is how some businesses have sweeping success , while others may suffer failures clattering. To analyze the performance of a business should analyze is which were them expenses, and compare is them with the results later. The Disney company began its activity with $230 in 1923, and today Bill around 16000 millions of dollars each year. Russia sold to United States the territory of Alaska for ' just ' 7.2 million, discovering afterwards that it was a territory with a large number of metals include gold, and also with much oil.

The concept of business, moreover, can be classified according to the activity from which the gain is obtained:

· Referred to as extraction businesses that take advantage of natural resources, having just purchased a portion of territory, or having invested money in elements that boost nature (seeds for sowing, grazing animals). The existence of a business of extraction is the guarantee of further production business.

· She products business is that - as stated - they include value added to a raw material and they are transforming it until you are able to meet the needs that people spend part of their income. There these businesses only things that occur in nature could be marketed.

· Business services are some intangible good that lend to people, based on the possession of some good or some ability. In these cases the business not comes from a chain of production, simply is has something whose effects them people (that not him have) demand.

· The business to the wholesale are the ones who get a lot of products already made, and without transforming it to not add anything of value, have a capacity of storage that allows you to distribute them for retail businesses. The times of intermediaries.

· They business for sale to the public are those who buy goods to the wholesale, to sell them directly to the people. In some countries of Latin America, directly referred to with the term 'business' to this type of activity, since they are the reason why merge all of the above. The production chain abruptly shuts off when it is consumed by a person, that supports all the built-in value and feedback circuit.

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